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The objective of any business is to maximize profit while minimizing expenses simultaneously. Taking a business online can either make or break a business considering the web hosting charges and expenses it imposes on the business. In business, not every cheap option is viable but similarly they are not fully reliable either because every option has drawback or weakness. Web hosting firms are in business as well and to make money they will charge their client from every angle they can devise. It is upon the clients to locate their best and cheap hosting ultimatums.

Here are financial challenges associated with hosting services:

  1. Unexplained software costs

Web hosting firms make money through add-ons and software recommendations to their clients who consist of the individual web developers, firms and organizations with some practically putting their subscription as a requirement during signing up. To get around this problem it is imperative to counter check with the host during registration to eliminate the possibility of signing up for software trial subscriptions. Always check every email you receive from the hosting provider and know the details of each of them and avoid opening add-ons blindly.

  1. Poor uptime scores

Uptime is the duration of time that a client’s website is operational and as such available for access. Downtime is the period during which a website cannot be accessed; it can be frustrating and scares away customers thus losing money in the process. Certain web hosts have very faulty servers and as such experience numerous complaints from clients about server outages and poor speeds. This scenario is caused primarily when the web host is running on a rushed server. It is only by research on this issue that one can avoid it.

  1. Hosts with parasitic neighbors

Hackers and spammers will often target cheap web hosts to facilitate their agendas. To deal with this challenge, hosting firms whether premium or budget have devised very detailed policy structures that work against them. It is also advisable that if you own an account that has been hacked from within then apply for relocation or shifting between servers.

  1. Concealed Cancellation charges

Web hosts that charge unimaginable cancellation fees should be avoided at all costs. Go through the terms of service and ascertain the process of cancellation. Web hosts only charge for the signing up of the business domain as well as the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate costs.

  1. Subscription periods

Web hosts will entice theirs customers to subscribe for very lengthy periods at relatively low price tag. This is because it’s them who stand to benefit from these types of arrangement. Without a guarantee that you can terminate and request for a refund at anytime during the period of signing up, it’s not advisable to subscribe for long term contracts.

  1. High renewal fees

Very low subscription prices are what lures customers to a given web hosting firm and draws them from others. However cheap subscription charges is not a guarantee of money saving or utilization because in the long run the client may end up spending insane amounts of money when it comes to renewal of the domains names. Renewal costs are normally higher than subscription prices and for most firms it’s important to plan for this scenario very well. It would help to change hosting firms every time a contract period elapses and prefer budget hosting firms that have a refund policy.

  1. Limited Structured Query Language (SQL) databases

Most cheap hosting companies come with unlimited SQL options. However it’s important to evaluate those that confine the use of such databases against those that do not and match them against your preferences; Limiting SQL database usage benefits the hosting firms by lowering their power consumption rate and cost but what about the client? Go for database limits that are acceptable to you.


To make the best choice about a reliable hosting plan that is cost savvy at the same time, it is imperative to know ones hosting requirements before signing up. Having a good knowledge as to the type of website to build, the special software required as well as the amount to invest in it can provide a client with best and cheap hosting alternatives. For those clients who are new to the industry, it’s advisable to go for affordable web hosts for the initial years like two or a lesser period before going for lengthy contracts. Also check for uptime durations and customer support capability.





Businesses today, in particular, online businesses seem to be sprouting up almost every day. With each of these businesses requiring an online presence in the form of a website, the demand for web hosting services could not be higher. That being said, finding a reputable and reliable web hosting service provider can be an uphill task for many.

Nonetheless, it is very much possible to find a great web hosting company without having to clear your bank account. Below is a list of five best and cheap web hosting service providers based on their popularity, service charges as well as features offered.


Starting us off at number one is a web hosting company whose affordable web hosting services has earned it position one on this list. With impeccable customer support services, HostGator boasts of some of the best web hosting packages with the provider’s cheapest plan costing a meager monthly fee of $ 3.95. Each of the company’s web hosting plans come with unlimited emails, one-click installs as well as a $ 100 Google Adwords Credit. Upon signing up to this web hosting service you get a free domain and a plethora of awesome apps such as WordPress, CMS software, shopping cart software just to mention a few.

A Small Orange Hosting

Unlike other web hosting companies, A small Orange Hosting focuses more on customer satisfaction than on size and scalability. As such you can expect exceptional customer support services. For $ 2.35 per month, which is equivalent to $ 35 per year, you get an unlimited database, unlimited email addresses, unlimited sub domains just to mention a few. This web hosting provider offers a wide selection of plans with different bandwidth and disk space options. In addition to all this, you also get 24/7 quality customer support. A Small Orange Hosting has plans to suit every budget.


Hailed as one of the best web hosting service providers for WordPress sites, Bluehost is one of the best hosting companies. To affirm its status as the leading WordPress site hosting company, Bluehost has been recommended by since 2005. To enjoy all the features that this web hosting company has to offer you will have to part with a $ 4.95 monthly fee. Some of the enticing features that Bluehost has to offer include unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited file transfer, unlimited email, as well as free domain registration. Every hosting plan, including the basic plans, comes with domain parking as well as e-commerce features.

Inmotion Hosting

With a wide variety of web hosting plans for you to choose from, Inmotion Hosting is the perfect hosting company for growing your business site. Started in 2001, the company has established itself as one of the best and cheap hosting companies. The company charges range from as low as $ 4.95 per month for a WordPress site to 119.99 per month for high traffic websites. Inmotion Hosting has different plans to suit the needs of different business entities. Thus, this is the web hosting company that will help you start and grow your business enterprise.


This hosting service provider offers standard shared plans for as low as $ 8.95 per month. In addition to standard shared plans, Dreamhost also offers dedicated servers for people with large bandwidth needs. The features you get for the $ 8.95 monthly fee include unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email, support for Google Apps, unlimited databases and more. If you are skeptical about DreamHost’s services, the company offers you a 2-week free trial. Also, customer support services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


The above-stated web hosting companies are among the best and cheap hosting service providers. Therefore, with their services you can never go wrong. Also, these hosting companies offer affordable plans ideal for beginners.